Barrie D Thomas "Bampa" Photography

I am a retired Canadian public servant, and have enjoyed photography for many years. My wife is an avid birder, and we enjoy the process of finding birds and "shooting" them together. We spend our winters in Florida; which offers a wealth of photo ops. Much of that winter photography is on this site.
When I started to shoot digital, I didn't like the idea of editing my images, as I thought that was kind of cheating. However, I found out that Ansel Adams, the great American landscape photographer used to edit his images in the darkroom; so I thought that, if it was good enough for Ansel, then it's good enough for me. Of course, since learning this, I have found out that most photographers, pro and amateur, do some photo editing to present their images in a more professional way. That is what I do, and most of my images on this page are edited to some degree. I still try and take a good image in the camera, and just do a little editing in Lightroom. Mostly I do zooming and cropping; so that I can get in closer to my subject.
If you like what you see, please check back from time to time to see what's been updated.
I have also added a new Folder, Videos. Under Videos is a Gallery called UMN. One of our other passions is belonging to the UMN, Undergound Miata Network, where we enjoy the social and driving aspects of belonging to a sports car club. Only Miatas or, MX-5's, are allowed in the club. We do many tours with the club on an annual basis, mostly in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. However do cross over into the New England States from time to time for events that are organized by local Miata clubs there. The videos on this site are, like my photography, constantly being updated. Just remember, I am not a great videographer, as you will see when you watch these videos. They are there for your enjoyment.